Vampire Squid


A Hole is a Hole No Matter How You Fall In




If you won’t talk, then I won’t walk. And I won’t ask why. Imposter, have you seen her? She offers no reply because she’s dead inside. She’s dead. You’re gonna ruin me. You sneak in while we sleep. You’re only one of three. Wake up, wake up! This is untenable.

Pckl Yr Lvr

We’re never going home, at least not alone. At best you’ll never change, you scream down the telephone. We’ll never love again, save for bad ideas, ones we love to keep beneath the places that we sleep. So we’ll drink to forget that we are the only ones left, and when we come home at night
it’s a lost fight. I’ll take you back this time to the place you were before. If this is breaking it won’t hold for long. We have to push onward or watch it choke and drown.  You’ll never have to find out what could have been, the startling difference between what we are and what we seem.


Nothing but the eyes are real, but they’re covered up. Nothing but the sky is real, paint us fucking up. Paint us. Fucking up. She says ‘I tried to be pretty but it was not enough so I cut it up’. And I tried to sell my heart, but it got lost amongst the competition, and now I’m just an actor on a string. And I’m breaking out of here. Don’t you come with me. We don’t know how to feel. ‘Untie my hands, I want to stop’. None of this is happening, until the morning comes. You use your hands to hold your head up. She says ‘I’ve nothing left for you, for god’s sake, push it through. Burn all my heart’s ties’. Now we’re armed with knives, we’ll cut and burn.


Everywhere At Once

It’s in the spaces inbetween, it’s in the edge of what you see. Getting pulled in every direction & then it hits the floor. I try to find a balance. I don’t want to go, but it’s got me by the throat. I want to crawl inside & cut the phone lines and be everywhere at once. At night I dream of oceans but don’t wake soaking wet. The past is like a tomb that’s getting way too full. Have you suffered, for a start?

The Worst That Can Happen

Come on son, what’s the worst you could be? At this rate you’re going to die before you fall asleep. Go get lost because if you don’t fly then we won’t see. Don’t stand so still. Don’t stand so still, because the doors are closing & no one’s waiting. The cures are curses, the lies you tell yourself.

No Teeth

Got no teeth for it now. I can’t go through with it now. Got no teeth for it now, so gonna take it out back and bury it in the ground. We were about to trade ourselves for them so turn around and count to ten. You let it die, but you’ll forget in time. Don’t say it, don’t speak it out loud – “Maybe we’re cursed, have we been this way since birth?”. Brace yourself, cause this one’s gonna hurt. We were about to trade ourselves for them so turn around and count to ten. We were never gonna make it as good friends. You should be leaving now. You should be gone. You should be leaving, you’ve been here too long.


Down With the Ship

I know you said “if I take this step I won’t ever go back” but still, you just stand. Punch it out, this is your ticket to leave us. And I hold my head – I am done with your traps & am not what you lack. The line is dead, we’re going down on our own. We drown in seconds. 5 miles out, that’s where we drowned.

Bus Song

As the old passes the new on the same bus, and who you were fades into the distance, we fight the clock with reckless abandon. The years flood around us like an ocean. But what will I do about you? Out across the street I always see you standing. We fight the past & its echoes, cause who we are is already right here. The worst is almost over for us.

Like Corpses

I guess it’s just easy to fake at 4am, while you sleep, safe & in your bed. I guess it’s easy to take when you don’t care, so will you pay for everything you’ve done?  That’s how we sleep at night, like corpses. You don’t care if you’re in it or not. You don’t care if the sky falls down around you.


Song #3

What’s that you said about missing opportunities? Some sad lie about tomorrow? Well I know it’s not gone, but it’s okay, it’s just a feeling you can’t shake, like a sickness that follows you. Remember when we fell for it? We had it all without the benefit, and that’s why you won’t come home.

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget you need this one to get out of here. Don’t forget you can’t walk out – the wolves are at the door and you’re going to have to run. Don’t look back, you will be missed like a passing fever, like the end of anything.

Run! For The Door!




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